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  • Perfect for adults who are competent at paddling and want a high-speed cruiser touring board, the 13’2” Voyager paddle board has a weight capacity of 120kg+
  • Dependable for longer, kit heavy adventures due to its high sides, increased volume and narrow 30” width that cuts through water; angled fins force water between so that the board tracks straight effortlessly
  • Exclusive RSS technology, patented baton system adds up to 30% more stiffness and stability compared to competitor boards without
  • Removable and replaceable side handles can be taken off when required to keep the deck unobstructed.
  • Extra features as standard, all Red Paddle Co Voyager boards come with 5 easy carry handles that are perfect for getting in and out of canals or rivers, adjustable cargo system and sleek high traction design deck pad

The 13’2” Voyager MSL+ inflatable SUP was created with epic adventures in mind and it’s the board of choice of many extreme explorers around the world. Whether you’re embarking on a solo expedition or heading out on a weekend-long paddle with friends, you’ll love how practical this board is without compromising on performance.

The V-hull and twin fins give laser guided like-tracking, allowing less paddle strokes to maintain a straight course and cover longer distances. Designed for heavier kit and/or paddlers to give you the confidence to paddle in a variety of conditions and locations.

As one of the first inflatable paddle board companies in the industry developing boards and materials for over 14 years, Red Paddle Co have developed exclusive MSL material made from specially produced, high density drop stitch, which gives boards a stronger and stiffer core. This MSL technology allows  to create a board with best in class control and handling.

The patented RSS batten technology increases stiffness, especially in choppy waters. Underneath the 13’2″ Voyager MSL+ are two removable US box fins. This fin system is the most popular in the board sport industry, allowing for easy replacement or removal when necessary.

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Length 402cm (13’2”)

The extra-long length, increased volume and angled fins on this board make it good for long haul touring and tracking in a straight line with speed

Width 76.2cm (30”)

The slightly narrow width of the Voyager board provides a streamline shape for speed. Those looking for extra stability, the 12’6” Voyager is recommended

Depth 15cm (5.9”)

The extra thickness of this board provides structure and stiffness to carry heavier kit. The v-shaped hull on the nose breaks the surface tension of the water and keeps you gliding through your paddle stroke, so you can paddle longer with less effort


Bez aira/ Without paddle, CRUISER TOUGH, PRIME blue, PRIME purple

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